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Shenyang ultra pure water equipment engineering
Shenyang Sanjiu Enterprise Group is a large state-owned central enterprise directly supervised by the State Council and was established in 1991. Mainly manufacturing Chinese medicine drugs, involving engineering, real estate and other projects. At present, Shenyang Sanjiu Group listed companies have more than 20 through GMP certification. Master a number of national patents on medicine, the establishment of state-level enterprise technology research and development centers, a number of projects included in the national 863 plan. Is the domestic pharmaceutical industry is very authoritative enterprises.

Wright Ryder company in recent years concerned about the pharmaceutical industry, ultra-pure water equipment research, because the pharmaceutical industry water will directly affect the efficacy of drugs, so in the pharmaceutical preparation process, the purity of water is very important, in order to ensure drug efficacy Wright Ryder company specifically for the Shenyang Sanjiu Pharmaceutical design and production of ultra-pure water equipment to solve this problem, and achieved good results.




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